About Us

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What we believe in?

We believe that our wellbeing includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. We believe that each one of us can heal and learn how to maintain excellent health. And have that big smile on your  face. We are passionate about supporting and guiding people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, develop emotional calmness and to live a balanced life. We believe that it is human destiny to live in harmony with the order of the universe.

We are honored for having the opportunity to share our knowledge, experience and to work with you.




Energy Medicine Practitioner

I have been fortunate enough to learn a lot from some remarkable people throughout my life. They encouraged me to explore a beautiful human tendency that is in each of us - to try to figure out and understand who really we are.

I realized I was not satisfied with the "garbage-mortgage" life style I was living. I decided to travel to help my quest for answering this question.

Paddling the rivers of the Great Canadian North in Nunavut, North West Territories and Labrador ...spending time in a sweat lodge on the George River....exploring a Russian pyramid near St. Petersburg....all of these experiences taught me lessons about human nature that I work to implement in everyday life.

I understood that Love is the greatest force in the Universe.

I learned that we are all part of a Great Universe. We are all connected to each other this way.

And I believe we have to take responsibility for our actions, emotions and thoughts because they influence everything and everybody around us, not just ourselves. They shape the reality of who we are.

That is the reason that I studied in  The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, became Qi Gong Instructor, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher.

That is why I practice different techniques and approaches to balance human energy: good nutrition, gentle Qi Gong practice and the subtle Spiritual Healing that I learned at the Theosis Institute in Germany. I also rely on our friends from Mother Nature - herbal plants and crystals.

I continue to be fascinated with the the beauty and wisdom of the human energy field. The story it tells about our path to achieving blissful health is my lifelong passion.