Bosnian Pyramids Tour and Hidden History Conference Sep. 2014 with Sam Osmanagich, Ph.D

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In 2005, Dr Sam Osmanagic discovered Bosnian pyramids and named them as the Bosnian Pyramid of Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love and Temple of Mother Earth. This discovery sparked the great interest around the Globe and thousands of researchers and volunteers are coming every year to help, to measure, to experience or simply to be there.
We invite you to come with us on that spiritual journey discovering Bosnian Pyramids by yourself and essentially, discovering many aspects of yourself in the light of pyramids.
We are planning to meditate on the top of Pyramid of Sun. Also, we will visit all other pyramids, underground tunnels interconnecting them.
One of the highlights of our trip is the visit of ancient megaliths in Daorson.

Nine day trip to Bosnia to experience the Pyramid energy on the top of Pyramid of Sun, to visit ancient megaliths and beautiful cities of Mostar, Pocitelj, Sarajevo
Aug. 31st - Sep. 7th flying to Sarajevo (Bosnia) and back.

Accommodations with continental breakfast in beautiful hotels in Sarajevo and Visoko.

Dedicated bus transportation for the group with Dr. Sam Osmanagich as our guide.
Hidden History Tour Conference will give us opportunity to listen the world renowned pyramid experts and spiritual leaders:
Michael Tellinger
Valery Uvarov
Marko Pogacnik
Klaus Dona and others

For early registration, more information about the trip, please call us at
647-333-2563 or
e-mail us


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Here is brief outline of places we will visit:


30 km from Sarajevo
Guided by Dr Osmanagich visting Bevledere, Tunnel Ravne and Pyramid of Sun you will become familiar with full story of discovery, process of excavations, similarities and interconnectedness with other pyramids around the world and much more. Also You will visit and directly experience for yourself current state of excavations, magic of tunnels and its monoliths, freshness and richness of the air with huge concentration of negative ions, surrounded with friendly volunteers, leading archeologists and numerous visitors from all over the world.
Guided by Dr Osmanagich visiting Pyramid Of Moon and Tumulus Vratnice you will expand knowledge and enrich experience and concept of first stairs pyramid in the world, and as well as the world of tumulus with focus on its structure, process of excavations, discovery of inner chambers and numerous layers conically shaped all way to the top of tumulus. Once on pick of it ,where 4 scientists independently detected electromagnetic beam, ~28 khz frequency range, brief meditation individually or collectively is suggested.

Please listen what Justin from Oakville is saying about his stay in Bosnian Pyramid Valley where he volunteered for three months in 2010 and 2011:




Visiting with professional guides Mostar and Pocitelj, historical and charming towns with rich history and culture. Very attractive and beautiful touristic destinations in Herzegovina.
120 km from Sarajevo
The city was named after a bridge around which it was built, on the banks of the Neretva River.

Mostar is the first cultural monument from Bosnia and Herzegovina on the UNESCO list of protected monuments of culture of the world.
The city is known for the famous Old Bridge, which was built in the 16th century.

160 km from Sarajevo
Presumably the builder of the fortified town and founder of suburban areas was the Bosnian king Stjepan Tvrtko I in 1383.

The fortified town complex – Pocitelj, was built in stages from 16th to 18th century. The preserved remnants made of stone make the architectural unit consisting of two phases: building during the Middle Ages and building during the Ottoman Empire reign.