Reaching for the 7th Dimension - Markham - Saturday, March 23, 2013

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We are at Canadian Society of Dowsers Conference:

Reaching for the 7th Dimension - Markham - Saturday, March 23, 2013 Please, visit us at booth 47, to experience the power of Essential Oils and Pyramids

Whenever dowsers gather, energy is shifting. This time they have
chosen to initiate that shift towards Higher Dimensions in Downtown Markham.
In their work, dowsers tune themselves with Higher Worlds in order to
bring the Knowledge and Wisdom to all of us. Through their activities
they are improving their skills and paving the path towards 7th
dimension where our Light and Creativity blossom.

We will join them presenting blissful Essential Oils from Mikael
Zayat and Home/Office Russian Pyramids.
As skillful dowsers, we will help you to choose the right Essential
for you and your journey towards 7th dimension.

Mikael Zayat will be keynote speaker on the conference. He is
Canadian icon in creating aromatic essences.
Through the attunement with Higher dimensions, he is bringing the
love and beauty of aromatic plants to us to be healed, beautified, to enjoy...

We at Blissful Health are proud to offer these superb aromatic
essences to you and your loved ones.

Please, visit us on the Conference at booth 47 to experience the
beauty and gentle power of our Essential oils and Pyramids.

Blissfully yours
Vesna and Radmilo

7255 Warden Ave
Markham, ON L6G1B3
Tel: (905) 752-2700

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