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The following is a brief summary of the differnt tyes of Wands of Horus available. For more detail refer to the Selection Guide.

Wands of Horus Quartz* The fine-grain quartz are intended for people with weak vasucual (energy) systems, those who have recently suffered stroke or a heart attack (cardiac infarction). They have a mild stimulating effect without causing unpleasant sensations.
Wands of Horus Quartz** The medium-grain quartz have a more powerful stimulatory effect. They are intended for more intensive action upon the vascular (energy) system as the next stage after the Wands of Horus Quartz fine-grain. They are very effective in cases of arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis in combination with salt baths.
Wands of Horus Quartz*** The large-grain quartz are intended for people with a normal vascular (energy) general stimulatory effect on the vascular (energy), nervous and endocrinal systems.
Wands of Horus Crystal (several crystals in each wand) possess the same properties as the Wands of Horus Mono but to a less pronounced degree due to the absence of a completely homogenous crystal structure. The Wands of HorusCrystal are an intermediate tool between the Wands of Horus Quartz and the Wands of HorusMono.

  Wands of HorusMono contain monocrystalline quartz. This type of cylinder was intended for priestly healers. The energy “cocoon” created by this type can have a powerful harmonising effect on the patient, at one and the same time implementing and relaying a signal originating in the healer’s consciousness.. There are four types available;
Wands of Horus Mono with a single monocrystalline quartz crystal are intened for those developing their healing skills and are an intermediate tool to be used before progressing to a Mono-6, Mono-9 or Mono-12.
Wands of Horus Mono-6 The Wands of Horus Mono with a six-faceted crystal are designed for those with a well developed and prepared energy system. The six-faceted crystals that strengthened certain of the wands' properties. Among other things, hexagonal crystals were placed in the wands to synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth.
Wands of Horus Mono-9 with a nine-faceted crystal are designed to stimulate and synchronize human energy system with the energy flows of the ninth level of the Universe' s energy system transformed by the Earth. This is a tool that should only be used by those who have undergone a period of preparation and developed their sufficiently through daily work with Wands of Horus Mono, Kont, Quartz or Crystal for no less than one year.
Wands of Horus Mono-12 The Wands of Horus Mono with a twelve-faceted crystal are 12 human energy bodies with the 12 energy systems of our Solar system and Universe (This follows the principle of 12; planetary bodies, 12 months, 12 year cycles, 12 hours) and should only be used by those who have undergone a period of preparation and developed work with Wands of Horus Mono-6, Mono-9 and BJA for no less than one year.

Wands of Horus Kont with carbon and ferromagnetic fillings are good for those with high blood pressure and also as a means of effective (rapid) recovery after stress and improvement of sleep patterns. Any type of wand effectively restores the nervous system, but Wands of HorusKont have a more pronounced impulse effect capable of getting a problem moving, which is good in critical situations. It should be remembered, however, that the energy (pranic) cocoon created by the Wands of HorusKont will not be lasting, due to the impulse nature of the effect.

The WandsBJA contain a special combination of materials designed to stimulate the psychic abilities.

The objective was to create a tool capable of synchronizing a human being's energy structure with the flows in the energy structure of the Earth. For this reason the Wands use iron, since the Earth's core is iron and its crust contains enormous reserves of iron in the form of iron ore, and coal, of which there are immense deposits in the Earth's crust. Both have a cubic structure, the platonic body associated with Earth. Therefore the resulting set of Wands made from these fillings, having a crystalline structure that formed under natural conditions, creates a tool that is in constant electromagnetic interaction with the Earth's energy system.

The zinc wands contains an 8 faceted iron core ( pure uncombined iron in the BJA and meteoric iron in the BJA Pharaoh). The zinc wand is held in the left hand, and the left hand is responsible for the development of our psychic sensitivities. The iron core provides simulation for this development.

The copper wand contains anthracite coal. Coal has special type of stored Solar energy and purer types of anthracite coal have a special crystal lattice corresponding (resonating) with special type energy stimulating the right (KA) energy vortex! When a person holds the wands and heats the coal in the copper wand with their own heat, and adds the effect of the difference of electrical energy potentials, this special type of Solar energy is released to the person. This provides a stimulation of very deep seated processes connected with KA-BA vortexes and human energy structure.

This effect is then combined with the deep stimulation of the left side provided by the zinc wand and iron core to provide an overall stimulation directed towards development of the psychic potential by synchronizing the energy structure of the human being with the flows of cosmic energy transformed by the Earth's core, with“bja” acting as an “intermediary” or resonator linking the energy system of the human being with the natural source of energy and the core of the Earth. Thus increasing sensory sensitivity and the organism's resistance to the negative influence of solar and magnetic storms!

This one of most significant reasons why the ancient Egyptian priests and Pharaoh used this technology as a sacred gift from Zep Tepi - Golden era when God lived on earth and spoke with people giving knowledge of harmony and cosmic order.


Wands of Horus BJA This is a variety of the Wands of HorusKont in which, following an ancient formula, one of the wands is filled with native (naturally pure and uncombined) iron. The Ancient Egyptians called such iron “bja”. The word “bja” often occurs in the “Pyramid Texts”. Experiments conducted with this type of wand indicated that, as a material of natural origin , native iron possesses a number of amazing properties that belong to this type of the Wands of Horus alone. The Wands of HorusBJA stimulate and increase a person’s psychic abilities, effecting the human energy system is to increase sensory sensitivity and the organism’s resistance to the negative influence of solar and magnetic storms.
Wands of Horus BJA Pharaoh This is a variety of the Wands of Horus in which, following an ancient formula, one of the wands is filled with meteoritic iron. The Ancient Egyptians called such iron "bja". The word "bja" often occurs in the "Pyramid Texts". Judging from the text, "bja" was a metal with a mythical character. "Bja" was called "the metal of the heavens". On account of its divine (natural through Maat ) origin, meteoritic iron was used in the making of magical instruments.