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I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Vesna. Over the past five years I’ve been battling anxiety, loss of energy and back pain. I have also tried many different diets to lose weight with no success. Vesna took the time to really understand my diet, my habits, my thoughts and my fears. 

In addition to providing recommendations, Vesna explained the reasons behind them. She developed a gradual approach to changes I could easily follow and remain motivated through some tough times of adjustment. I most appreciated her caring approach, follow ups and genuine concern for my well being. She gave me the books to read, easy recipes to follow and provided advice and support when I needed it. I gradually lost 12 pounds over  the period of five moths. My diet greatly improved and I started to enjoy the meals.  
For the first time after many years, I feel totally in control and have the whole new outlook on life. 
Brian, Mississauga
I started the energy treatments with Radmilo,  with a desire to improve my physical and emotional state. I was quite sceptical at the beginning because it wasn’t clear to me how the treatments work. After a few sessions, I started to notice changes within me and around me. I realized that I have started to change my outlook on life. Sometimes, I had a feeling that another person is speaking through me. I started to pay much more attention to my inner voice.
After the sixth session I realised that this can not be a coincidence. New perspectives started to open up within me, the ones I did not even know existed. I started to change my relationship with people, my outlook on life, the hologram of my being was becoming clean and clear. 
The fog I lived within was lifted. I felt I stepped out of the box I lived in for years, constrained with space and darkness that permeated my body and my soul. I became aware of the simplicity, beauty and lightness of being alive.
I started the process of life cleaning – many things I used to worry about seemed insignificant. 
Did my life change? Physically ..no. Emotionaly and spiritually – it was total explosion. I sometimes asked myself how I could live for so many years in such deception. 
Is it easier? Not yet. Everything around me became bare, stripped down to its essence. I now need to face it and follow the path I have chosen.  While I still deal with doubts and temptations, I am aware deep down in my soul that this was the right thing to do. I experienced I big transformation in the past 7 months.
I know that the key reason for it are the sessions I’ve had with Radmilo. He managed to trigger the processes within me that I now need to fully embrace. It is now all up to me and it is so liberating.
                    Ivana, Toronto
So far, I have taken our Family Karma sessions with Vesna. I don't know how to describe what exactly I am experiencing during the treatments. What I physically feel is I am bathing in a warm soft yellow light, extremely comforting, soothing and assuring that everything is all right. The effect of the treatments is not limited to the sessions. I feel that I am going through a change. The world is becoming more friendly to me, and I am becoming more friendly to myself. Maybe, I am making my way out of the cocoon to show the world my wings... 
Elena, Toronto



I had an open heart surgery. When I came home, I was very weak. My main problem was that I was not able to sleep in my bedroom. My body didn't feel well in the bed where I was sleeping for seven years before the surgery. I felt nervous, anxious and unable to rest at all. I had to sleep in the living room.

A friend of mine gave me Radmilo's telephone number and he came to check what is going on in my bedroom. He found some unhealthy energy flowing bellow my bed.

He explained to me that high voltage power lines beside the building and the Earth energies are creating the energy grid in my bedroom that is preventing me from having a  nice rest.

When I asked why I had no problem sleeping before the surgery, he explained that after the surgery, my energy system has changed, it became more sensitive and weak. The heart is one the most important energy centers in our body. Whenever you touch the heart, you are changing the energy flow within your body.

He explained further that it is possible to correct that non-beneficial energy grid in my bedroom using Biogeometry and that I should be able to sleep after that. I didn’t understand how it works but agreed to do it. And he did it!

To my big surprise, I was able to sleep four hours that same night when he rearranged the energy in my bedroom.

As we agreed, he came couple of weeks later to do the adjustment again and after that I was able to sleep full seven – eight hours in my bedroom. It was a year and half ago!

I am eternally thankful to Radmilo for what he has done.

Not only he changed the energy in my bedroom, he, also, gave me a lot of nutritional advices about how to support my heart and speed up recovery after surgery!

Anna, Toronto