Wands of Horus Articles

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Articles about the Wands of Horus as research and manufactured by Dr. Valery Uvarov, Head of the Russian National Security Academy, Department of UFO Research, Paleosciences and Paleotechnology.

The Wands of Horus - Summary Article

12 page summary article extracted from the original book.

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Summary Article
Interview with Dr. Valery Uvarov

5 page interview with Valery Uvarov about the Wands of Horus published in New Dawn magazine November 2003.

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The Wands of Horus - Ancient Tools for Enlightenment

6 page article by Valery Uvarov about the Wands of Horus published in Nexus Magazine December 2004.

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Nesux Article

APOPIS - The Factor of Cosmic Law

3 page article about the warning that high priests of Egypt left to all who are sailing from "Darkness to Light" - a warning of the existence of a Cosmic Law that needs to be considered when moving along the path of knowledge.

Entering into interaction with energies of a higher order, a person without being aware of it, becomes a carrier of those energies which gradually begin to reorganize his energy system.
As a result, on a genetic level mutational processes are initiated in the person that are accompanied by a transition of the person's energy system to the next level.

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