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The information on this page is an extract from the material published by Dr. Valery Uvarov, Head of Department of UFO Research, Paleosciences and Paleotechnology of National Security Academy of Russia.

A Secret Redicovered

Construction & Basic Parameters of the Wands

Types of Wands and their Fillings

Why Quartz Filling?

Types of Wands

The Wands of Horus Set

Biostimulator Insoles

Further Information on the Wands of Horus Mono

Uses for the Wands of Horus




Pick up any book about Ancient Egyptian culture and take a close look at the statues of the Pharaohs: you will see that they are all clasping cylinder-like objects in their hands. Their roots go back into the depths of time. For the priests and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus -metal cylinders filled with various spec

wands_ThutmosisIII.gif - 57022 Bytes

ial materials - were a tool for “attainment”, allowing them to achieve a step by step evolution of their psychic, energy and, consequently physical capacities.

Extensive studies on the effects of the Wands as both a tools of enlightenment and as a healing tool have been undertaken in Russia since 1994.

Those cylinders, with which the Pharaohs never parted throughout their lives, were harmonisers of the two basic flows of energy which the Ancient Egyptians called BA and KA, corresponding to Yin and Yang in the Oriental tradition. For the Ancient Egyptians BA and KA were the two component elements of the human entity, the two sources of vital energy. While they are interacting properly, the vital functions of the organism are maintained and the person lives without any particular problems. To regulate the energy balance in the body the Ancient Egyptians used “Wands of Horus” — cylinders with various contents.

The use of these cylinders to a considerable extent helped the Pharaoh (or other user) to perfect his nervous, energetic and (as a consequence) immune systems, to improve his health and physical condition, since the cylinders had a beneficial effect on those areas. The correct and systematic use of the cylinders enabled the Pharaoh or priestly user to prepare himself for “Intercourse with the Gods”.


If certain conditions are observed and sessions conducted on a regular daily basis, the Wands of Horus can not only correct, but also stimulate a person’s nervous, energy and immune systems, creating the preconditions for their improvement. This requires work founded on a precise understanding of what the Wands of Horus are, and the principle by which they work, a knowledge of the cycles of activeness in the human energy system and a number of elements making up a complex approach, an essential part of which is interaction with natural sources of energy, such as trees, rivers, lakes, the sea and mountains.

The Wands of Horus are also a means of prevention and treatment, providing the opportunity in certain disorders to correct particular deviations from the norm and noticeably improve a person’s state of health, since they inspire very deep-running physiological and energetic processes. It is important to stress that the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians was founded not on mystic, astrological or esoteric doctrines, but on a strict grasp of the principles on which the universe is founded. In other words, at the basis of the theoretical and spiritual constructs of the Ancient Egyptian initiates lay first and foremost Knowledge and not faith.

It would not be correct to view the cylinders only as a treatment for one disease or another. First and foremost, though, the cylinders are a tool for “attainment”, allowing you to achieve a step-by-step evolution of your energy potential and, as a consequence, of your psychic capacities.

The development of such psychic potential opens up whole new horizons of which the contemporary human being has virtually no conception. This is such an important and delicate subject that discussion of it can only begin after the appropriate preparation and most importantly following the appearance of the inner impulse that is the first indication of an energetic and moral capacity to recognise the way and a willingness to dedicate one’s life to the idea of self-perfection and the perfecting of the world around us.


The Wands of Horus take the form of two hollow cylinders made of copper and zinc for right and left hands respectively. This is important because the link between metal and hand is tightly bound up with the functions of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

All external and internal dimensions of the Wands of Horus conform strictly to the proportions of the Golden Section. This is of fundamental importance for the existence of resonant interaction between the cylinders and the user. To work effectively the Wands of Horus need to attune themselves to the organism, while the user’s organism for its part should also attune itself to the Wands of Horus. Such interaction is only possible when the cylinders conform to the proportions of the Golden Section.

Types_of_Wands-pair.gif - 61594 Bytes

The copper and zinc used to produce the cylinders are of high quality. The zinc has a purity of no less than 99.96% with a minimal lead content. The length of the cylinders is 151mm and the diameter 28mm.

Any length can be chosen for the cylinder, although its should be noted that in ancient times the height of the cylinder, like the height of the Pyramid of Cheops, were not chosen at random. For example, the height of that pyramid (146 metres) is roughly equal to one-thousand-millionth of the distance from the Earth to the Sun. It was also connected with the period of the basic Sothis cycle , 1460 years, which was divided up into smaller units of 1460 days the Egyptian year cycle. Therefore the height of Wands of Horus attuned to the pyramid and to this cycle may be 146 millimetres. But, bearing in mind that the Pyramid of Cheops has been damaged, the wands should be attuned to the whole complex. It that event, the height of the Wands of Horus will ideally be equal to 151.4 millimetres.

The diameter of the Wands is designed to be tuned to the Earth eigenfrequency. 5.4 or 54 is a key moment and has direct connection to Earth eigenfrequency (self frequency) which dictates the energy impulse to life on the Earth. The diameter is determined by dividing 151.4 : 5.407 = 28 millimetres.

To increase the effectiveness of the Wands of Horus all the components from which the cylinders are made are exposed in a pyramid with a powerful structuring field, to correct the inter-atomic distances, for a period of at least twelve days (and nights).




Why Quartz Filling?

The decisive factor in choosing the fillings was the qualities of the crystal lattice. Jasper, amber or shungites, for example, were not used as fillings for the Wands of Horus by the Ancient Egyptians because of the unsuitable qualities of their crystal lattices. The use of quartz was prompted by its unusual, surprising qualities.

To better understand the essence of the process, one should bear in mind that BA and KA or Yin and Yang, are two energy flows, two sources of vital energy situated within the human being itself. Their harmonisation therefore requires minerals that possess the relevant properties. It should be stressed that when choosing the fillings for the cylinders it is not absolutely correct to divide them into Yin and Yang, or to associate the qualities of the fillings with the horoscope. This connection is a very conditional one.

One of the basic concepts in crystallography is the axis of symmetry of a crystal. If you take a quartz crystal with well-developed facets, then from the position of those facets it is possible to observe one peculiar fact: the vertical axis of symmetry in a quartz crystal is twisted in a spiral.

X-ray examination of the structure of quartz crystals confirms the deduction made on the basis of morphological and optical peculiarities, that the structure of quartz has a spiral, that is to say helical character. In accordance with this two types of structure can be distinguished — left-handed and right-handed.

It is important to note that the orientation of the crystals of the small-grain white sand or large-grain quartzite's inside the wands is of no relevance with regard to the law of harmonic resonance. In this instance the significant thing is not the shape or orientation of each individual grain, but the peculiarities of the crystal lattice. To explain one further significant peculiarity of quartz we need to turn once again to the conceptual system of the Ancient East.

The quartz crystal, like any other, has its energy centre (chakra). However, because in quartz the axis of symmetry forms a spiral, [The spiral is a resonant shape. It is a topological invariant (direct consequence) of the diagonal of a rectangle or the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle. Constructing such a spiral in a circle, then returning, completing the cycle of there and back, BA and KA, we arrive at proof that Pythagoras’ Theorem is a fundamental theorem, that reveals the idea of the resonance phenomenon as the harmonic principle on which the whole universe is constructed. ] several projections of the main energy centre form within the crystal. That is to say one centre receives energy, but several give it out. You can picture it more precisely in this way: one zone of the crystal accumulates energy within itself, transforms and scatters it. What was one flow becomes several. Precisely due to the helical structure and, as a consequence, this scattering effect, Wands of Horus filled with quartz crystals have a gentle, general healing effect on a person’s energy-informational structure and his or her entire organism.

Perhaps it was for this very reason that some ancient civilisations considered quartz a sacred mineral. It was evidently also connected with quartz’s ability to convey information. In this context it is appropriate to quote from an interview with Professor Vlail Kaznacheyev, the director of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, a full member of that academy and of the Academy of Natural Sciences of the Russian Federation:

"In our experiments we obtain some astonishing things: when one cell culture experiences some stress, it can transmit its condition to another cell culture, if there is an optical channel of communication. The light ray conveys the essence of the matter — and it itself comes alive in a way. Moreover, a tissue culture of living cells of this kind that has perceived the state of its neighbours in a quartz or mica optical channel, can transmit that state on to other cell cultures; and so the accumulation of a property of living material unknown to us passes through the cells for 5, 6, 7 generations in the optical sphere. Mica and quartz are transparent for such effects, just as they are for ordinary light…"

In other words, quartz is capable of conveying not simply information, but also a psychological state.


Types of Wands

In Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus were filled with quartz crystals of differing sizes. The size of the crystals depending on the task they were seeking to accomplish, the state of the health and energy  system of the user. In the initial phase fine-grain quartzite's (a special white sand) were used. Cylinders containing white sand have a positive effect on a person's energy channels, activating them. Then the Ancients used medium and large-grained quartzite's, raising their energy systems to a higher level of potential. We call this type of cylinder Wands of HorusQuartz .

The Wands of HorusQuartz, filled with crystals of quartz, produce a "pranic cocoon" that has a gentle, even, but deep-acting effect on the human organism. The cocoon created by this type of cylinder is very stable. If you work with the Wands of HorusQuartz continuously for a week, then the cocoon they create will last for three weeks, continuing its corrective effect on the whole organism.

Types_of_Wands-set.gif - 15905 Bytes

The next variety of Wands of Horus contain mono crystalline quartz. This type of cylinder was intended for priestly healers. The energy "cocoon" created by this type can have a powerful harmonising effect on the patient, at one and the same time implementing and relaying a signal originating in the healer's consciousness. There are two types of these Wands. The type of cylinder called Wands of HorusCrystal contain mono crystalline quartz. The type of cylinder called Wands of HorusMonoalso contain mono crystals of quartz, but selected in a special manner and processed in a special way. Cylinders containing such crystals were something like miniature "energy sources", intended to provide energy and strengthen the effect of psychic efforts.

The final variety are the Wands of HorusKont . This filling is a later refinement, they are filled with carbon and ferromagnetic material in the form of powder or tiny crystals in the form of "cores" inserted into the cylinders, the carbon in the copper one, the ferromagnetic material in the zinc one. It should be noted that in Ancient Egypt carbon and ferro-magnetic material were not used as a filling for the Wands of Horus. This type of cylinder the Wands of HorusKont are named in honour of the Polish researcher Comte (Count) Walewski who first informed humanity about this type of cylinder back at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Types_of_Wands-mono.gif - 4075 Bytes

Wands of HorusMono contain mono crystalline quartz. This type of cylinder was intended for priestly healers. The energy "cocoon" created by this type can have a powerful harmonising effect on the patient, at one and the same time implementing and relaying a signal originating in the healer's consciousness.

There are three types available;

  •  Wands of HorusMono The Wands of Horus with a single mono crystalline quartz crystal are intended for those developing their healing skills and are an intermediate tool to be used before progressing to a Mono-6 or Mono-9.
  •  Wands of HorusMono-6 The Wands ofWands Mono-6 Horus with a six-faceted hexagonal crystal are designed for those with a well developed and prepared energy system. The six-faceted crystals that strengthened certain of the wands'  properties. Among other things, hexagonal crystals were placed in the wands to synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth.

This choice was not accidental and is connected with a number of phenomenal properties possessed by the energy fields of the Earth and characteristic also of other planetsJupiter.gif - 5979 Bytes in the Solar System. Take a look at this curious picture taken by an American space vehicle making a photographic survey of the north pole of Jupiter.

The Earth's energy and magnetic fields display the same properties. The iron making up the Earth's core is close to its melting point and "tightly packed" in crystal hexagons , hence the resonance with the hexagonal (six-faceted) structure of the quartz. It is no coincidence that as water comes up to its boiling point hexagonal bulges appear on its surface. Those are characteristics of the Earth's energy fields. Thus, in view of the structural characteristics of quartz, water and the Earth's energy fields to effectively synchronize the human energy system with that of the Earth the ancients used wands containing hexagonal crystals.


  • Wands of HorusMono-9 The Wands of Horus with a nine-faceted crystal are designed Wands Mono-9.gif - 6680 Bytesto stimulate and synchronize the human energy system with the energy flows of the ninth level of the Universe's energy system transformed by the Earth's core.

Experiments have shown that this type of wand has a more intense (active) effect on the human energy system. On the physical plane, the self-tuning of the wands to the individual organism is considerably quicker, the activity of the cardio-vascular system is stimulated more rapidly, which manifests itself in a faster expansion of the vessels and increased intensity of heart contractions. The Wands of Horus Mono with a nine-faceted crystal have a more pronounced (powerful) effect, Wands Statue-9.gif - 28856 Byteswhich is accompanied by more acute sensations. Even less sensitive people feel the influence of this type of wand more intensely.

This is a tool that should only be used by those who have undergone a period of preparation and developed their energy sufficiently through daily work with Wands of Horus Mono, Kont, Quartz or Crystal for no less than one year.


  • Wands of HorusMono-12 

The Wands of Horus Mono with a twelve-faceted crystal are designed  to stimulate and synchronize the 12 human energy bodies with the 12 energy systems of our Solar  system and Universe(God), through energy system of Earth.  This follows the principle of 12;  planetary bodies, 12 months, 12 year cycles, 12 hours day and night etc. This is a tool that should  only be used by those who have undergone a period of preparation and developed their energy  sufficiently through daily work with Wands of Horus Mono-6, Mono-9 and BJA for no less than  one year.

Refer to the heading See Further Information on the Wands of Horus Mono for further discussion.

Types_of_Wands-crystal.gif - 3657 Bytes

The Wands of HorusCrystal (several crystals in each wand) possess the same properties as the Wands of HorusMono but to a less pronounced degree due to the absence of a completely homogeneous crystal structure. Their effect is more general. The Wands of HorusCrystal are an intermediate tool between the Wands of HorusQuartz and the Wands of HorusMono.

Types_of_Wands-q3.gif - 2347 Bytes

Wands of HorusQuartz *** large-grain are intended for people with a normal vascular (energy) system. This type has a pronounced general stimulatory effect on the vascular (energy), nervous and endocrinal systems. They produce very good results when used in conjunction with salt baths. Any type of Wands of HorusQuartz stabilizes low blood pressure to the norm determined by the organism itself. They also normalize blood pressure in non-chronic forms of hypertension.

With their gentle, yet deep effect on the human organism, the Wands of Horus are highly efficacious in countering stress, insomnia and nervous tensions.
Types_of_Wands-q2.gif - 2123 Bytes

Wands of HorusQuartz ** medium-grain have a more powerful stimulatory effect. They are intended for more intensive action upon the vascular (energy) system as the next stage after the Wands of HorusQuartz fine-grain. They are very effective in cases of arthritis, arthrosis and polyarthritis in combination with salt baths.

Types_of_Wands-q1.gif - 1789 Bytes

Wands of HorusQuartz * fine-grain are intended for people with weak vasucual (energy) systems, those who have recently suffered a stroke or a heart attack (cardiac infarction) The use of the Wands of Horus encourages the activation of blood circulation. In people with a weakened energy system that may cause sensations of pressure or pain in a problem area. Therefore those with a weak vascular (energy) system and also those whos have suffered vascular incidents (heart attack, stroke) should use wands filled with fine-grain quartz. They have a mild stimulating effect without causing unpleasant sensations.

Types_of_Wands-kont.gif - 2494 Bytes

Wands of HorusKont with carbon and ferromagnetic fillings are good for those with high blood pressure and also as a means of effective (rapid) recovery after stress and improvement of sleep patterns. Any type of wand effectively restores the nervous system, but Wands of HorusKont have a more pronounced impulse effect capable of getting a problem moving, which is good in critical situations.

It should be remembered, however, that the energy (pranic) cocoon created by the Wands of HorusKont will not be lasting, due to the impulse nature of the effect. In contrast to the Wands of HorusKont, the Wands of HorusQuartz have a gentle effect with a deep, lasting result, but at times of flare-up this may prove inadequate.

The Wands of HorusKont with magnetic patches are recommended for use by healthy people, too, a few days each month, as this type of wand is good for the prevention of sclerosis and benign tumours.

Types_of_Wands-bja.gif - 1654 Bytes

The Wands of HorusBJA are a variety of the Wands of HorusKONT in which, following an ancient formula, one of the wands is filled with meteoritic or native (naturally pure and uncombined) iron. The Ancient Egyptians called such iron “bja”. The word “bja” often occurs in the “Pyramid Texts”. Judging from the text, “bja” was a metal with a mythical character. “Bja” was called “the metal of the heavens”. On account of its divine (natural through Maat) origin, meteoritic iron was used in the making of magical instruments.

Experiments conducted with this type of wand indicated that, as a material of natural origin , native or meteoric iron possesses a number of amazing properties that belong to this type of the Wands of Horus alone. Besides everything that has already been said about the Wands of HorusKONT, the Wands of HorusBJA stimulate and increase a person’s psychic abilities.

The objective was to create a tool capable of synchronizing a human being's energy structure with the flows in the energy structure of the Earth. For this reason the Wands use iron, since the Earth's core is iron and its crust contains enormous reserves of iron in the form of iron ore, and coal, of which there are immense deposits in the Earth's crust. Both have a cubic structure, the platonic body associated with Earth. Therefore the resulting set of Wands made from these fillings, having a crystalline structure that formed under natural conditions, creates a tool that is in constant electromagnetic interaction with the Earth's energy system.

The zinc wands contains an 8 faceted iron core ( pure uncombined iron in the BJA and meteoric iron in the BJA Pharaoh). The zinc wand is held in the left hand, and the left hand is responsible for the development of our psychic sensitivities. The iron core provides simulation for this development.

The copper wand contains anthracite coal. Coal has special type of stored Solar energy and purer types of anthracite coal have a special crystal lattice corresponding (resonating) with special type energy stimulating the right (KA) energy vortex! When a person holds the wands and heats the coal in the copper wand with their own heat, and adds the effect of the difference of electrical energy potentials, this special type of Solar energy is released to the person. This provides a stimulation of very deep seated processes connected with KA-BA vortexes and human energy structure.

This effect is then combined with the deep stimulation of the left side provided by the zinc wand and iron core to provide an overall stimulation directed towards development of the psychic potential by synchronizing the energy structure of the human being with the flows of cosmic energy transformed by the Earth's core, with“bja” acting as an “intermediary” or resonator linking the energy system of the human being with the natural source of energy and the core of the Earth. Thus increasing sensory sensitivity and the organism's resistance to the negative influence of solar and magnetic storms!

This one of most significant reasons why the ancient Egyptian priests and Pharaoh used this technology as a sacred gift from Zep Tepi - Golden era when God lived on earth and spoke with people giving knowledge of harmony and cosmic order!


The Wands of Horus Set

All Wands sets except Kont are provided with the following;

  • 4 copper patches (big)
  • 20 small copper patches (with tiny holes)
  • Night bands
  • Biostimulator shoe insoles
  • Certificate
  • Cotton bag
  • User Guide

Wands of Horus Kont are supplied with;

  • 4 copper patches (big)
  • 20 small copper patches (with tiny holes)
  • 2 magnetic patches
  • Night bands
  • Biostimulator shoe insoles
  • Certificate
  • Cotton bag
  • User Guide
Full set of Wands of Horus (Kont type shown)

Biostimulator Insoles

Insoles are leather shoe insoles with copper-zinc inserts for stimulation of the first chakra. 

The operating mechanism of the insoles with copper and zinc inserts is based upon a method of evening out the energy and electrical potentials of the body, and also of stimulating the energy channels of the organs and systems that have representation on the soles of the feet.

When we apply the insoles (electrodes) to the soles of the feet, they begin through the projections of the relevant energy centres and nerve endings on the feet to stimulate the electro-magnetic component (shell) around the human body. On the physical plane there is stimulation of those organs whose nerve endings have their projections on the feet. Besides this there is stimulation of the blood circulation in the prostate that is a projection of the first energy centre which has energy projections on the feet. As a consequence of such stimulation, there is a detectable activation of the blood circulation in the spine and correction of pathologies caused by disrupted circulation.

insoles.jpg - 32253 Bytes


Hand carved and painted timber containers for the Wands of Horus   

Wands-box-2.gif - 37329 Bytes Wands-box-1.gif - 37329 Bytes   Wands-box-2.gif - 37329 Bytes

Further Information on the Wands of Horus Mono

While they have all the qualities of the Wands of Horus with small-particle quartzite filling, the Wands of HorusMono have several important differences:

  1. the Wands of HorusMono have a more powerful impulse-based stimulating effect on a person's energy structure. As a consequence, if this type of the Wands of Horus is used by people with a weak energy system, it may induce a pain syndrome in a problem area. This is due to the increased excess of energy in the zone of disruption. If some energy channel has disrupted bio-energy rhythms and lacks the necessary conductivity, then the resultant excess of energy, causing a sensation of bloatedness or pressure at the site of a problem may develop into pain. It is for this reason that we do not recommend this type for people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. (More details are given in Appendix 18, "A new theory of the function of energy channels and conducting tissues".)
  2. in interacting with a person's energy structure (aura), the Wands of HorusMono launch a process of internal scanning of the user's organism, after which the energy system (aura) itself begins to work on the specific pathology in the organism. It is for this reason that many users of the Wands of HorusMono have noticed the appearance of sensations of vibrations or sort of jerks in localized (problem) zones. The monocrystals used in this type of Wands of Horus are carefully selected in accordance with special criteria.
  3. due to the homogeneous structure of the monocrystal placed in the Wands of Horus, their effect on the electromagnetic and energy capsule (field) of the human organism stimulates the organism to produce an energy cocoon of a special type of energy around the body. This energy submits well to thought control. This is precisely why for many ancient civilisations quartz was a sacred mineral, while "Wands of Horus" with monocrystals were an inseparable part of the life and activities of the priestly healers. In essence, Wands of HorusMono are something like thought amplifiers making it possible to direct psychic energy (impulse) to the accomplishment of specific tasks - to stop or suppress some negative process in the organism, for example. Such wands open up special possibilities, but it is of fundamental importance that the user recognize the necessity to control the direction and quality of his/her thoughts.

Provided users work with them regularly (preferably by the sea or in a forest), in three weeks Wands of HorusMono will create an up to 3-metre cocoon (aura) around them, completely restoring their energy balance. No other tool available today has such an effect. Possessors of such an aura can take a sick person into their energy field and act upon the disorder in the patient's body without using their hands (no passes), simply and exclusively by the power of thought, by imagining what should take place in the diseased organ. This opens up fundamentally different possibilities for the diagnosis and treatment of the sick and for the development of parapsychological potential. This was indirectly registered at the Polyclinic of the Medical Centre of the Administration of the Russian Federation President in Moscow.>

During the experiment with the Wands of HorusMono electroencephalograph (EEG) recordings were made registering changes in the bio-electric activity of the cerebral cortex. Although the Wands of Horus were held for only five minutes, instruments recorded:

  • a smooth change in the bioelectric activity of the cerebral cortex;
  • a reduction in asymmetry between the hemispheres in the rear sections;
  • the alpha-rhythm with a frequency of 10 Hz being more stable in all parts of the cerebral cortex (N.B. alpha waves are found only in humans!)
  • polymorphic beta activity, growing in amplitude, in all areas of the cerebral cortex.

Concentrating on the main thing, let us explain in a different way the significance of what the electroencephalograph registered.

As far back as 1953, W. Grey, who studied brain rhythms, suggested that the brain's sensitivity to electrical influences could provide a link between the human being and some principle suffusing everything around us! It is important to note here that the length of the electromagnetic waves with alpha-rhythm frequency is very close to the circumference of the globe and the natural resonances of the Earth-ionosphere system, in which the length of the main resonance wave is close to the circumference of the Earth.

Analyzing the link between brain rhythms and the electromagnetic fields in the thin wave-carrying spherical layer between the Earth's surface and the lower ionosphere (following Schumann, 1952) Grey Walter and Warren MacCulloch came to the conclusion that the alpha rhythm is characteristic of a process of "scanning" thought images when concentrating on some intellectual problem. In 1960 Koenig and his collaborators noted the closeness between the main resonance frequency of the globe and human alpha rhythms.

In 1924 B.B. Kazhinsky established, together with V.L. Durov, that "waves of thought energy (electromagnetic oscillations of a particular frequency) radiated by the nervous system disperse from it in all directions in a spheroid manner, forming an alternating energy (electromagnetic field) at every point in the surrounding space. Every point in this space (field) will have changing potentials under the influence of the waves of thought energy. Thus, if in their path those waves of thought energy encounter a suitable conductor-receiver (the nervous system of some other living being), they will induce in the second organism varying currents characteristic of radiated thought information."

This conclusion provides a scientific explanation for the mechanism of telepathic communication between people, in which the Wands of HorusMono acted as amplifiers of such abilities.

Geometrically, the Wands of Horus are also attuned to the main resonance - the planet's own frequency of vibration. For precisely this reason, even the brief influence of the Wands of Horus on the human psycho-physical field and energy structure stimulates concentration on self-made internal images, intensifying the trance or meditative effect. Whereas psychics often need months of unremitting training to attain the necessary levels, when the Wands of HorusMono are used, training times are substantially reduced, while the effect obtained significantly exceeds those that can be attained by ordinary means. 



The Wands of Horus can be used for:

Daily work with the wands (for no less than two hours) has a beneficial effect in cases of:

  • over-agitation and nervous disorders
  • problems with arterial pressure
  • vegeto-vascular disorders

They also:

  • normalise the functioning of the heart in cases of arrhythmia and neuroses improve circulatory processes, with a beneficial effect on blood vessels
  • improve the organism’s absorption of calcium (which is especially important for sufferers from osteoporosis)
  • improves the memory
  • relieves joint pain in arthritis, arthrosis and gout
  • relieves menopausal symptoms
  • with systematic use reduce the blood cholesterol level
  • activate the process of cell division (Wands of HorusKONT), which is important for the regeneration and rejuvenation of the organism.

The Wands of Horus can be recommended for those suffering from:

  • cardio-vascular diseases
  • high blood pressure (wands with a carbon and ferromagnetic filling)
  • low blood pressure (wands with a quartz filling)
  • neurotrophic disorders
  • excretory diseases
  • ischaemic heart disease
  • insomnia
  • nervous depressions
  • bronchial asthma (of a nervous character)
  • spasms of the gastrointestinal tract
  • the prevention of atherosclerosis
  • diseases associated with circulatory problems, including some forms of impotence

And also as a means of;

  • slowing the advance of Parkinson’s disease
  • countering inflammatory processes in lymphadenitis
  • countering stress
  • countering headaches
  • normalising sleep patterns (Wands of HorusKONT)
  • preventing jet-lag for those whose activities take them frequently from one time zone to another (pilots, sportsmen, tourists, long-distance lorry-drivers, etc.) when desynchronisation of the body clock causes lethargy and headaches;
  • countering hangovers.

Most importantly, though, regular use of the Wands of Horus retards autoimmune processes which provides a serious chance in the fight against CANCER and may be used as a means of prolonging life in cases of AIDS.

When not to use the Wands of Horus:

The Wands of Horus should not be used by those with the following conditions;

  • Schizophrenia and other psychological disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Whilst menstruating
  • Pregnancy (in the last six months)

This last is due to the fact that in the later stages of pregnancy there is another living organism in the mother’s womb that already at that stage of development has its own individuality (individual vibration). The wands attune themselves to a person, to his or her individual frequency. As the individual vibration dictated by the mother’s hypothalamus-hypophysis system differs from that of the developing child, the use of the wands in the last six months of pregnancy may have unpredictable consequences.

These contra-indications apply to both types of Wands, but particularly to those filled with carbon and ferro-magnetic material.If you do not have pronounced problems with your blood pressure then you can successfully use either type of Wands, depending on the task you have set yourself.



The material you have just read mentions restrictions and gives a brief list of the illnesses and situations where the wands have a beneficial effect. If certain conditions are observed and a systematic approach taken, the wands can not only correct, but also improve your energy and immune systems. But that requires systematic daily work founded on a precise understanding of what the Wands of Horus are, the principle by which they function, knowledge of the elements making up the complex, a vital part of which is interaction with natural energy sources, knowledge of human cycles and those of the Earth, and also a clear idea of what you want to achieve and why.


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