Wands of Horus - Selection Guide

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Wands of Horus - Selection Guide

A guide to the 10 different types of wands available, their construction, fillings and different application.  The types are;

  • Mono - 12
  • Mono - 9
  • Mono - 6
  • Mono
  • Crystal
  • Quartz***
  • Quartz**
  • Quartz*
  • Kont
  • BJA

Low resolution PDF - This file is 800Kb in size Download PDF Selection Guide



Wands of Horus - Biostimulator Insoles

This provides background on the insoles with copper and zinc inserts that act as a biostimulator of the first energy centre and also of organs having energy projections on the soles of the feet.

You can find detailed product information here:    Download PDF Insoles Description