Wands of Horus

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The information on this page is an extract from the material published by Dr. Valery Uvarov, Head of Department of UFO Research, Paleosciences and Paleotechnology of National Security Academy of Russia.


Pick up any book about Ancient Egyptian culture and take a close look at the statues of the Pharaohs: you will see that they are all clasping cylinder-like objects in their hands. Their roots go back into the depths of time. For the priests and Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt the Wands of Horus -metal cylinders filled with various special materials - were a tool for “attainment”, allowing them to achieve a step by step evolution of their psychic, energy and, consequently physical capacities.

Extensive studies on the effects of the Wands as both a tools of enlightenment and as a healing tool have been undertaken in Russia since 1994.

Those cylinders, with which the Pharaohs never parted throughout their lives, were harmonisers of the two basic flows of energy which the Ancient Egyptians called BA and KA, corresponding to Yin and Yang in the Oriental tradition. For the Ancient Egyptians BA and KA were the two component elements of the human entity, the two sources of vital energy. While they are interacting properly, the vital functions of the organism are maintained and the person lives without any particular problems. To regulate the energy balance in the body the Ancient Egyptians used “Wands of Horus” — cylinders with various contents.wands of hours

The use of these cylinders to a considerable extent helped the Pharaoh (or other user) to perfect his nervous, energetic and (as a consequence) immune systems, to improve his health and physical condition, since the cylinders had a beneficial effect on those areas. The correct and systematic use of the cylinders enabled the Pharaoh or priestly user to prepare himself for “Intercourse with the Gods”.

If certain conditions are observed and sessions conducted on a regular daily basis, the Wands of Horus can not only correct, but also stimulate a person’s nervous, energy and immune systems, creating the preconditions for their improvement. This requires work founded on a precise understanding of what the Wands of Horus are, and the principle by which they work, a knowledge of the cycles of activeness in the human energy system and a number of elements making up a complex approach, an essential part of which is interaction with natural sources of energy, such as trees, rivers, lakes, the sea and mountains.

The Wands of Horus are also a means of prevention and treatment, providing the opportunity in certain disorders to correct particular deviations from the norm and noticeably improve a person’s state of health, since they inspire very deep-running physiological and energetic processes. It is important to stress that the knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians was founded not on mystic, astrological or esoteric doctrines, but on a strict grasp of the principles on which the universe is founded. In other words, at the basis of the theoretical and spiritual constructs of the Ancient Egyptian initiates lay first and foremost Knowledge and not faith.

It would not be correct to view the cylinders only as a treatment for one disease or another. First and foremost, though, the cylinders are a tool for “attainment”, allowing you to achieve a step-by-step evolution of your energy potential and, as a consequence, of your psychic capacities.

The development of such psychic potential opens up whole new horizons of which the contemporary human being has virtually no conception. This is such an important and delicate subject that discussion of it can only begin after the appropriate preparation and most importantly following the appearance of the inner impulse that is the first indication of an energetic and moral capacity to recognise the way and a willingness to dedicate one’s life to the idea of self-perfection and the perfecting of the world around us.

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