We are at - The Turning Point - 26th Annual Convention of Canadian Society of Dowsers - in Belleville

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May 24th - May 26th, 2013 Please, visit us at booth 17, to experience the subtle power of Essential Oils and Pyramids we are presenting there.

Dowsers are very energy sensitive people with special abilities to feel and transmute the energies around.
Whenever we do our work, the Light and Creativity come to our physical world making it better place to be in. When we get together, special mark has been created - The Turning Point this time

We are there also to give lectures about Essential Oils and Pyramids:

On Sunday morning, Vesna will will provide an overview of essential oils. This will include their history, how they are produced, key methods of use, as well as their psychological and physical effects. Vesna will also cover the properties of several essential oils and talk about the art of blending. She has studied aromatherapy with Mikhael Zayat and Joyessence.
She will talk about Zayat's superb aromatic essences and how they can bring the love and beauty of aromatic plants to all of us to be healed, beautified, to enjoy...

On Saturday morning Radmilo will present the fascinating latest results from Russian research about pyramids, his experience from visiting the pyramids in Russia. He will also talk about spiritual aspects of the Power of Pyramids in our life today, because:
Pyramids are models in stone of the energy structure of the human being and of the universe.
You can learn:

  • Why the Ancients built the pyramidal structures
  • How pyramids work
  • Who were the architects and builders of the pyramids
  • What are the functions and powers of pyramids today
  • How pyramids act as acupuncture needles on the Mother Earth's Energy System
  • The benefits of using Home or Office pyramids
  • About Bosnian Pyramids, the largest in the world

Please, visit us in Belleville on the Dowsers Convention in Travelodge Belleville Hotel at booth 17.
Blissfully yours
Vesna and Radmilo

11 Bay Bridge Road, Belleville Ontario
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