We are at the Whole Life Expo 2015 - Booth #68

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Our guest from Germany Birgit Aurell will be channeling Archangels Seraphims here in Toronto and New York.  Since 2009 Birgit has been receiving teachings from the elevated Archangelic realm of the Seraphims. These Archangels, presented through Birgit’s voice, have been explaining in detail the turbulent and promising times the world is undergoing. Not only do these Archangels have the pulse on our times, but they are active servants of Divine Providence: Guiding humanity to more peaceful and harmonic future.
Birgit and the Archangels have conducted numerous retreats and workshops that have resulted in lasting healings and major shifts in consciousness. 
It is the wish of the Seraphim to bring their message of hope and peace to North America.
  • First one hour meeting with the Friends - that is how Birgit call Seraphims - will be on Whole Life Expo -  for free:
    Sunday - Nov. 29th 2015  at 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM - Metro Convention Center, Lecture Hall 201
  • Second meeting will be on Sunday Nov. 29th 2015  at  3:00 PM - 6 PM in the hotel Hilton Garden Inn, 92 Peter Street,  Eaton's Room - Second Floor –  (walking distance from Metro Convention Center where the WLE is ) - CA $40
  • Third and Forth meetings with Seraphims will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, 7-10 PM at Better Living  facilities - Upper Studio, 1 Overland Drive, North York, Ontario, M3C 2C3 - CA $40
  • Fifth meeting will be held in New York
    Friday Dec. 4th - meeting with Friends from 7 to 9 PM in Quest Bookshop
    240 East 53d St. NYC - USA $20
A combination of teachings, prayers and exercises ¬ will help wake up our inner lives to the inner light. Our inner light is fully and eternally connected to the Original Light, and through which we are profoundly connected to one another. May this light shine on us all.
The Seraphim, at home in the inner core of the Divine, are guiding us through the timeless and shoreless seas of truth, reality, consciousness and life itself. It is a rare and wonderful occurrence when such grace and wisdom directly blesses the human community. 
Normally, human free will is respected from a distance. Yet in stormy times such as ours, the Archangels are thankfully allowed to intervene. The many sources of Divine mercy are growing more and more active in human welfare and destiny.
For more details, please email us info@blissfulhealth.ca or call us at 647-333-2563.