Home Energy Balancing

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We, are energetic beings. We are part of subtle energy movements on Planet Earth and in the whole Universe. Therefore, we are influenced by all energy fields around us, be it Solar flairs, Mother Earth Pole shifts or Geopatic stress. In the last twenty to fifty years, we contributed significantly to energetic disturbances of our environment. Power lines, radio, TV, all electrical appliances and especially mobile phones change natural electromagnetic fields around us and contribute to weakening our Immune System.

If your energy flow and rhythm are in balance you are healthy and full of vitality. If your energy is compromised in any way by the influence of external energies at work, at home or by the position of your bed, your Immune System will get weaker and  may lead  to illness.

In our work of Home Energy Balancing, we are detecting detrimental energy lines and spots found within and around your house, correcting and neutralizing  them using principles of Biogeometry. Essentially, we are creating harmonious environment in the space you live in: your house, your office or your building.

If you are interested in Home Energy Balancing, please, contact us at: info@blissfulhealth.ca


Biogeometry is new emerging science developed by Egyptian Architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo. It is best described as Nature’s own Design language of shape, color, sound, and motion, which creates and distributes Energy influencing all living beings.

BioGeometry combines the Ancient Egypt Temple Science techniques and principles with Western European subtle energy research and Dr. Karim's discoveries.

The idea is to balance the energies on different levels in particular space/time and transmute all non-beneficial energies using specially designed shapes, colors, sound, motion. This way harmony will be induced into all living subtle energy systems.

Applying simple Biogeometry principals and tools, energy of any particular space can be improved.

Biogeometry offers practical methods to clear and balance human energy field and to transform the detrimental effects of modern technology like electropolution.

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