Home Pyramids

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In the last 15 years there has been an organized effort in Russia to study ancient technologies from around the globe, especially those found in Egypt. Studies revealed the amazing influence pyramids have on the human energy field.

Russian Pyramid Research - Project 12


Pyramids were found to be:


  • powerful cosmic antennas;

  • stone structures that model energy patterns of humans and the universe; and

  • powerful generators of cosmic energies operating on various planes.

Using a pyramid in your home or office can:

  1. Tap into natural flows of cosmic energy - the organization and stimulation of evolutionary processes in the biosphere and in human consciousness.

  2. Correct the human energetic structure, making it possible to stimulate internal energetic, bio-physical and physiological processes. This provides the opportunity to discover and activate the inner resources of the human psyche, increasing psychic potential.

  3. Positively influence and improve your immune and nervous systems.

  4. Improve mankind’s energy-ecological environment and increase and improve the energy state at the pyramid’s location.

As more pyramids are used throughout the world, the planet’s energy structure may be reorganized within the next 10–15 years. The time will come when pyramids may decide the fate of the new generation, changing their level of awareness.

To order a pyramid for your home or office, contact us at 647-333-2563 or e-mail us at info@blissfulhealth.ca. Experienced practitioners at Blissful Health can determine the right power place for your pyramid and set it up for you.

Our pyramid is made from glass, the best material for a pyramid intended for home or office. As it is one hundredth of the height of the pyramid of Khufu, it will be in resonance with the main planetary constants. A pyramidion made of quartz is placed at the top.

All the external and internal measurements of the pyramid are precisely calculated in accordance with the Golden Mean. The glass pyramid can stand directly on the floor on a hinged base. Access to the inner space is provided by tipping it to one side.


Using Pyramids to Achieve Optimum Health

Pyramids have positive effects on all living things within its zone of influence, a distance that covers six times its height. It has the power to slow down the flow of inner biological time, prolong human life and improve a person’s energy and psycho-emotional state. A pair of pyramids strategically placed doubles the zone of influence.

Pyramids installed in an office have been shown to increase productivity of those within its zone. Pyramids also create a field that improves the human aura and generates positive thoughts and moods in the workplace, ultimately benefiting the organization.

Installed in a child’s bedroom, pyramids strengthen immune systems, making them more active, healthy and bright.

Unboiled water and juices exposed in the pyramid also benefit your family’s health. For drinking, it is best to use water that has been processed at the middle focal point of the pyramid, on the stand

Creams and ointments for the child can also be kept in the pyramid.